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Augmented Reality is a name coined by Professor Tom Caudell in 1990 for a technology which could bring up a revolution in the way we see the world. This technology is constantly evolving and could turn in to something that is unbelievable in the near feature.

What is Augmented Reality?

This leveraged technology will enhance a real world view with computer generated elements like video, music, 3D models, graphics etc. or in simple sentence we can state that with the help of this technology artificial information about a particular environment is overlaid on real world views.

Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Generally speaking virtual Reality and Augmented Reality work on the same principles. That is they both are used to give a user an experience that is not completely depending on the real world. The major difference is the amount of real world data used. In the case of virtual reality no data is taken from the real world instead a whole new world is created bout in the case of augmented reality the real world data is imposed with computer generated informations. That is we will see the real world but with difference. A user of augmented reality remains in the real world but a user of virtual reality would be taken to a pseudo world which might be created with respect to the real world.

Main Advantages of Augmented Reality

  • This technology helps in enhancing the user experience and interactivity..
  • It have got the capability to bring the print media alive which in turn would bring a new way of “Branding”.
  • It could bring up a business by providing an opportunity for their products to stand out in the crowed, which in turn will bring up more sale.
  • This could be used to reproduce situations which otherwise could not be reproduced or shown in the real world.

Expected Feature for this Technology

This technology promises a great future!
  • At the near future our world may not rely on cell phones which have small screens to superimpose the artificial information. At such a point wearable devices like augment reality capable glasses or contact lenses will be used to get the expansive view of the world. As you know “Google glasses” are on the way.
  • Coupling of image recognition software and augmented reality will allow us to point our smart phone at people and find the information related to them.
  • This could provide a ground breaking experience in Digital marketing. In which the customers could get engaged in Augmented Reality marketing applications from home, store or on the go.
  • It will find plenty of applications in the medical field. For example a key hole surgery can be done more easily by using a head mount display by the surgeon which can analysis the different layers of the body without looking in the screen as of now.

And many more uses could be identified.

Let us wait and watch!

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