Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a name coined by Professor Tom Caudell in 1990 for a technology which could bring up a revolution in the way we see the world. This technology is constantly evolving and could turn in to something that is unbelievable in the near feature.

What is Augmented Reality?

This leveraged technology will enhance a real world view with computer generated elements like video, music, 3D models, graphics etc. or in simple [...]

Our Voyage

AugMob Solutions was formed as an initiative of three passionate techies and started its function from early 2013. In the initial stage of the voyage AugMob’s augmented reality based project got selection under the NASSCOM’s 10,000 start-ups programme, which was a real dream come true.

After getting the selection AugMob got an opportunity to become a part of “Urogulf group Of Companies” which is headed by the group Chairman Mr. Unnikrishnan Cholayil. Urogulf is a Multi-national company with around 20 different companies and 150 branches [...]